• 20 Mat Tee Stations

  • 6 Grass Tee Stations

  • 6 Tee Stations under Cover

  • 320 Yards of Distance

  • Target Greens and Fairway

  • Club Repair & Regripping


Sunday, Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Sunup 'till Sundown

Tuesday & Friday

Open at 10AM

The range operates self-serve Monday - Thursday accepting credit cards or range passes at the automated ball dispenser. The clubhouse is staffed Fridays 4-8, and Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6.



$60 value for for $50.00


$130 value for for $100.00


$350 value for $250.00



33 Balls $5.00


66 Balls $8.00


99 Balls $10.00


The golf range currently has twenty tee stations.  Ten of those tee stations (Five at each end of the tee line) have the latest in mat technology which accepts a standard golf tee.  The mat also has a third layer that responds to "fat" or "thin" hits as opposed to traditional mats that cause the club to bounce off the mat. The club bouncing off traditional mats takes spin off the ball producing a straighter ball flight.  That in part answers the question, "WHY do I always hit the ball so much straighter at the golf range and not on the course?"

The golf range currently has yardage markers located at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 yds. We also have three target greens with flags approximately 10 yds. apart to practice those approach shots from 40 to 80 yds. depending on tee line location.

This season we will have four to six covered and heated tee stations planned to protect you from adverse weather conditions like rain, wind and temperature.  Our golf range lights are pending township approval also.

To work on all parts of your game, our short game area will have grass tees, and areas to practice chipping, sand shots and uneven lies. Finally, two artificial putting greens one set for slower public golf course speeds and the other set for faster private/tournament speeds to help solve those "3 putt blues".

We're growing one step at a time. In the near future, we plan to add additional target greens and sand traps on the range, and a short Game Practice area. We will also add lights and heaters to the covered tee stations, and range lighting for night-time practice.



Come see PGA Pro, Don Stewart for your golf lessons. Member of the PGA for 20 years.

Call Don at: 724-816-5713


Individual Lessons



Half Hour Lessons $60.00 $45.00
Series of 3 Half Hour Lessons $170.00 $125.00
One Hour Lessons $100.00 $75.00
Series of 3 One Hour Lessons $270.00 $200.00
*Balls Not Included

Beginner Classes 5-7 People

Series of Four Lessons - Call for Pricing
*Balls Included